PillowSonic Stereo Pillow Speaker

Slide the PillowSonic Digital Stereo Pillow Speaker (19,95) under your pillow (or under the sheet, directly under your pillow), connect to your tape or CD player, radio, TV or iPod and enjoy the sounds or programming of your choice in absolute comfort, without disturbing others in the same room or resting next to you,  ALL without the need for headphones. Two digital speakers at approximately 12 inches apart offer more a uniform sound throughout your new sleep pillow than any other pillow speaker on the market. Used by hospitals for alternative pain management treatments. It is ideal for couples, students in dormitories, hospital patients. Great for the elderly and for anyone wanting to relax and relieve tension. Makes a great gift for any occasion. It can also help people with insomnia.

Stereo Pilllow Speaker is great for all people who have trouble getting to sleep. If you combine it with Delta Sleep System CD your sleep will be more profund than ever.

And a review from a user:

I listen to a relaxation CD while in bed and have not liked doing so while using headphones. The reason being that they are uncomfortable if one falls asleep while listening. Also, the sound in the rest of the house is blocked out. The Pillowsonic Pillow Speaker is the perfect solution. I have a very thick pillow and I can hear the music very well and the speaking also well with the volume up high. The person in bed next to me can hear nothing. A+ item.

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