Robotic Technologies are no longer a thing of the future

We still live in an era of modern information technology where some people just can't get it right. For the religious right, it often seems that scientists think too far into the depths of the human genome, we dive and people are not more people and, therefore, stem cells, genetic mutations and are therefore unacceptable. Other people are intrigued by the fact that anyone can be found everywhere on the globe with mobile phones, and they believe that the tracking technology is too far and they want to move to the North Pole.

Scientists have one ultimate goal: to strength the world of science. They believe that everything they do is for the welfare of mankind, maybe forgetting that it is not always the case. Unlike natural scientists who are religious and others just a single scientist who has just a reverse position, even the most insensitive forewarning tech group of scientists seem to be worried. What is it? AI. Artificial intelligence.

Robots making robots, robots learning , which enables them to discover the motor skills and self-expression and so one. There is only one step from this Artificial Intelligence to self-aware. Imagine a robot that is more intelligent, more capable physically, and certainly more sustainable than a man. How will this affect the jobs all over the world? Statiticians will just cease to exist? What about the Economists or Cooks? A question should rise in anyone head right about now. If any part of our society can be replaced by a robot, what's the reason for mankind to still be here? We'll just sit around and eat all day? I understand why some people are terrified by this thought. And what about the social consequences? Can AI Robots own a house? Can AI Robots get married? I don't really know, but I sure don't want to find out the answer.

Now, let's talk about our security. Robots will control our home security, our internet security and so on. What if one day that robot gets broke. What will happen to us? If your computer is protected, you will not be attacked through telecommunications vulnerability. But what happens when the computer itself is attacking you?

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