Lithium-ion battery recharges by kinetic energy

The engineers at Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S., have developed a new type of lithium-ion batteries, that have some changes in their chemical parameters that allow the recharging of the battery at the touch or flexing of the object. The scientists have replaced the plastic interlayer, that is battery electrolyte (a chemical that stores electricity gelatinous paste) with a layer of lectric nanotubes (which converts the movement into energy).

The research team created a hybrid battery that converts the motion into electricity and chemical.

By creating this type of hybrid batteries, it can directly influence the flow of ions, scientists can jump completely over charging circuit, creating more efficient ways to capture mechanical energy.

The process is not very simple, but these small biomechanical devices from U.S. researchers could become one of the solutions to the need of energy around the Globe.
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