Creative Vado HD Camcorder

It seems like everyone is getting into the compact high definition video camera act. Creative has now stepped into the ring as they have recently unveiled the new Vado HD.

The Vado HD is meant to be an upgrade of Creative’s Vado, and it has a similar flexible USB arm. The screen is slightly larger, and the built-in memory has been doubled to that of 8GB. This is enough memory to shoot about 2 hours of footage in HD mode, which is shot with a 1280 x 720 CMOS sensor in H.264 AVI format at 30 fps. The user also has the option of shooting in VGA mode at 640 x 480 resolution for about 8 hours.

The video quality from this camera is phenomenal considering its price tag. No its not a Canon HV30 but its not supposed to be.There is very little motion blur and the colors are nicely saturated. Due to the higher quality video shakiness is more pronounced in the videos but its not terrible. The more still you can hold this camera the better. The sound is crisp and clear. I can easily say the quality of this camera trumps all other flash based camcorders in this price bracket. You can watch a full HD video sample on HD Youtube.

The Vado HD from Creative it's available at a price of about $229.

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