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Neil Bailey has a vision: to build the perfect modern sport car. The inspired design has become the Bailey Blade, a great-looking concept car design.

The foam and computer modeling is done, now the car is taking shape for real. Originally, the car was to be a high-end, ultra-custom gasoline-powered speedster, but during development, Bailey started to realize the benefits of using different technologies.

The Bailey Blade is being developed in three configurations: the XTR, EVR, and HDR.

The XTR is a 750hp, 5.4L V8 with a 6-speed transmission and a top-notch motor from ROUSH. This was the original configuration of the Bailey Blade.

The EVR is a hybrid with both front and rear hi-torque electric motors, giving 300×2 foot pounds of torque to each axle. This 4WD system will give 600fp of torque up to 3,000 rpms and utilize lithium-iron phosophate batteries. A small gas-powered, 100hp 30kw generator on-board will provide recharge for longer distances.

The Blade HDR is the same ROUSH motor as the XTR, but with a Hydrogen on-demand injection system to save a projected 20% in fuel.

No hard numbers on the fuel economy of the gasoline or hydrogen versions is available, but the 100hp generator they’re utilizing is capable of 140mpg or better, depending on the size of the battery bank it’s to charge and how often it has to run. It’s likely that the gasoline motor will get 18-20mpg under standard driving conditions.

The Bailey Blade is a two-seater and is in a concept state at this point. If this concept never goes into production on a scale higher than the one this guy builds in his garage, it’s a totally hot car and the photos make a great computer desktop for your dream car salivations. So far, the cost on this super-car has reached nearly $200,000 in development, which Bailey has footed entirely from his own money. 

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