All new Web Edition car

My eyes are tired of car industry's "limited editions," "value editions," and "sport editions." But Chrysler has just announced a "Web edition." OK, now I'm awake and ready to receive information.

Obviously, this edition is targeted at the tech savvy and dare I say - geeks! So don't bother getting the off road edition or the luxury edition or even the sports edition. If you're a loyal reader of New Gadgets Guru - go and get the Web Edition!

Along with an in-car router from Autonet Mobile, the automaker is calling uConnect Web, buyers who opt for the $1,999 package also get a Sony PSP, an 8GB iPod Touch,a Dell's Mini 9 netbook, and a no-name digital camera with Eye-Fi wireless SD card. All these devices have Wi-Fi modules that can take advantage of the car's built-in router. One year of service is also included with the Web Edition package. 

Autonet CEO Sterling Pratz says, "We're emphasizing this as the next entertainment platform in cars" more than a communication and productivity platform, though you can do whatever you want with the system. Bits is bits. Trip-centric Web services like Fandango and OpenTable are naturals for a Web rig in the car.

Do you think this full-web-package car proposition is going to drive potential customers to buy 'Web Edition' cars? If I have to choose, I will go for 'Electric Powered Edition' instead.
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