Super Yacht from YachtPlus Designs

You think this is an apartment or house interior? Think again...

Designing a vehicle for land, air or sea, comes with many challenges. Thankfully, many great ideas are born along with these challenges and can be applied to other fields. A perfect example of this is the 40 "Signature Series" Super Yacht.

This yacht was designed by Lord Baron Foster, a very successful architect who has worked on designs in every domain available. This is his most recent creation. It took a team of 7 architects and a total of 15 months to be rended on paper and computer and will be built by YachtPlus.

When you take a look at the 40 "Signature Series" you realise there is no competition in his class. Special attention was paid to the amount of light and free space available on each of its four decks. Every deck or sitting area has a forward looking view and as much outside light as possible is used, rather than electrical lighting.

Because of the space optimisation,  30% more space than traditional yachts of the same class. The vessel is very user-friendly, even for a larger family with young children. All total, the 40 can hold 12 passengers and 7 crew members. 
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