Honda’s Eco-Sportster

This is one concept car that looks likely to hit the production mainline in the near future. Expanding its leading line of “green” sports cars, Honda's OSM Concept is an eco-friendly, stylish two-seat sports car that was unveiled at the 2008 British International Motor Show in London. The concept's design suggests it may preview a future production vehicle to replace the company's popular but aging S2000 Roadster.

The concept's trapezoidal face bears resemblance to the S2000's squared off front end. Futuristic details include thin fog lamps that run parallel with jewel-like LED headlamps. Carved flanks and a rounded off rear end complete the sporty look, which was designed at Honda's research and development facility in Offenbach, Germany. The company claims the engine has low emissions but there are no details on the roadster's engine or power source. If this goes to mass production, it could be powered by a gas-electric hybrid engine. 

Limited specifications have been released relating to the controls, which will include a start button and paddle shifters, but no news yet in terms of its MPG or other green aspects. Hopefully we’ll see light of the specifics soon, with news on production soon after.

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