Incredible and amazing future designs

The 2010 edition of the Electrolux Design Lab competition centers originative solutions for compact living. The 2010 brief demanded industrial design scholars to regard how people will prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes in the homes of 2050, when 74%* of the global population are anticipated to live in an cityfied environment. This means we have to use space more efficiently in order to meat everyday needs. The finalists in this contest suggest ways to optimize future domestic space.

For example, the element "Modular Kitchen" combines cooking, refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting in one wall-mounted appliance. Multiple units and surfaces automatically work together through wireless smart networking.

The clean closet is essentially a closet that clean clothing. Textiles are scan for impurity and clean with molecular technology. This waterless concept replaces the laundry basket, washing machines and drying spaces. Todays methods of cold storage occupy a great deal of space. Conversely, the bio-robot-refrigerator has no need for doors or a draws.

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