NASA: 30-year-old Black Hole near outer space

Astronomers have discovered the youngest black hole that exists in our neighborhood space. This 30 years old black hole provides an unique opportunity to see this kind of celestial body and its development from an early age. According to the communique posted on the NASA site, the discovery was made at the Chandra Observatory.

This is one of the youngest black holes ever observed. Astronomers' knowledge about the universe is based almost entirely on electromagnetic radiation detected by telescopes.

This black hole could help scientists better understand how massive stars explode, how they create black holes or neutron stars, or how many such bodies exist in our galaxy.

The black hole is a remnant of the supernova SN 1979C and is located in the galaxy M100, about 50 million light years from Earth.

This finding is extremely important because it gives the scientific community the opportunity to gather information that can validate or on the contrary, invalidate existing theoretical models available at this moment.

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